West Midtown Atlanta Has Plenty Of Great Restaurants Available

When I think of Atlanta, I think of lots or things, chiefly driving through the city at night with construction and heavy traffic. I also think about the show The Walking Dead. Have you been to Atlanta? Do you know the different sections of the city? West Midtown is one of those sections, and what I want to show you is some of the good restaurants there, so that you will know you can get good food during your stay.

Are you staying in West Midtown, or are you just driving through? There are plenty of restaurants to choose from out of West Midtown Atlanta alone. The first one I was going to mention is at the top of the list on a top travel site, Le Fat. It is on Marietta Street NW, and it serves up some very interesting dishes, Asian cuisine at its best. Normally, Asian cuisine will be further down the list for me when it comes to first restaurant choices, but I still love the food.

Next up in West Midtown Atlanta is The Optimist. The Optimist is a seafood joint and a very interesting one if I do say so myself. It’s not like it’s unheard of for a seafood restaurant to serve swordfish, but it’s not like they all do either. This would be a cool place to go check out in West Midtown Atlanta I would think. If you do, then you can expect some mouth watering seafood.

Have they ever filmed any of The Walking Dead in West Midtown Atlanta? It would be interesting to know, and it would be interesting to see which places they were at in the shows. One thing for sure, as you are making your way through West Midtown, you are going to have plenty of places to eat.

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