Spots That Define West Midtown Atlanta

West Midtown, Atlanta which was once industrial is now one of the most popular historical neighborhoods and a place with restaurants with delicious food and retail centers that enable customers to have a good shopping experience.

Spots that define West Midtown Atlanta
Antico Pizza
This pizzeria serves delicious pies and this is the major reason why crowds usually line up out the door. Its simple designs and communal wooden tables can inspire a trip to Italy. In addition, every single thing at Antico is imported from Italy including the flour, ovens that cook at around 1000 degrees and tomatoes.

Little trouble
It is not hard to find Little trouble because of its iconic neon lights especially the front wall where people usually pose for a picture. This is the best place to get Asian street snacks and strong drinks. Little Trouble is also popular for its friendly crowd and stiff Japanese whiskeys.

JCT. Kitchen and Bar
JCT kitchen and bar is one of Ford Fry’s successful creations. With its live music, nice upstairs bar and its skyline, this is one of the best places to visit. “JCT” means junctions in railway terms and this place was given this name because it overlooks active tracks.

Billy Reid
Did you know that this place outfits popular musicians like John Paul White, Jim James, and Old Crow Medicine Show band members? Reid has well-constructed rugged menswear and luxurious women’s apparel that are very comfortable to wear. This is the best place to get clothes that will age with you.

This bar fuses rhythm & blues and can be a good place to enjoy yourself. Northside was built in the 1940s and has since then been a good spot for blues music. This place was a plethora of things and was once a grocery store. That was long before it became the popular blues bar it is today.