Best Places To See Animals In Atlanta

When you travel to a city, but you are actually looking for something unique to visit, you may want to consider going to where the animals are. Children love to go to zoos, but there are other locations that you can also frequent that have plenty of animals that they can see. Let’s begin with talking about the zoo that is in Atlanta, and then all of the other locations where adults and children can get up close and personal with these wonderful creatures.

Zoo Atlanta

This you in Atlanta is an excellent location. You will get to see the famous pandas, tortoise, and giraffes that the zoo is known for. You can actually feed some of these creatures, and it will be exciting for people of all ages. It’s one of the best ways to allow kids to interact with these incredible creatures that come from all over the world.

Georgia Aquarium

This is actually the largest aquarium on the Western Hemisphere and that is actually saying a lot. It literally has thousands of different animals, representing several thousand different species, all at one location. There are an estimated 100,000+ animals out this aquarium that makes it one of the busiest as well. This is a place that you should take your kids if you have never been to an aquarium before, and it will make all others that you have seen pale in comparison.

Outdoor Activity Center

Finally, you can head over to the outdoor activity Center which is also a popular place to go with kids. You will see many different animals, and they will be able to do many activities that they will enjoy. They will be able to see turtles, butterflies, and many other things that will allow them to relax. It is a nature lover’s paradise for those that want to get away from the city for just a little while.

If you travel to Atlanta, these are three places that you should certainly consider visiting. They are all geared around presenting animals from all over the world. If you need to book in advance, this will probably save you money on your trip to Atlanta which will be very rewarding for all those traveling with you. Of course, you should also do a Segway tour of Atlanta just to get to know more about the city. It’s just nice to get to see animals up close as you can at these destinations.